Work in progress

We decided to put the new version of the website online even though it is not completely finished.

The collection pages are halfway done, it was just to much work in the short timeframe we had to completely overdo the pages and add the new mutations we have to the total, so we will gradually complete the collection pages over the next few months. The Available section has a number of animals on there that are ready to go, it will be updated frequently as more animals will be ready to go and even some of the 2011 offspring we had will be added shortly, if there is anything you are interested in but which is not listed yet just send us an email and we can fill you in on the details, as always all animals are from our own breeding facility.

Also make sure to check out the NEWS page as it has contains a lot of details on litters / clutches that have hatched and more exiting news on what is going on here at FNReptiles.

Latest added availablity