Welcome to FNReptiles

We are a professional breeding station specializing in the captive propagation of Boids, in our collection you will find some truly amazing animals.

All of our breeder stock has been carefully selected over the years both on looks and genetic background ensuring some of the finest looking animals of the specific species and/or morph whenever possible unrelated to each other making sure we have breeding groups of unrelated breeders guaranteeing strong healthy offspring.

We strive not to simply reproduce the animals we work with but through very selective breeding produce the best possible out of a respective species/morph.

Browse through the site and see what we are working with, i am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.All the animals pictured are our own, each litter/clutch that we produce has also the details of the parents and the reproductive details so what you see is truly what you get no secrets or fancy pics of animals we don’t own.

– Freek Nuyt

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